Who We Are

About Us

At Binladin WoodWork Factory, our craft is more than just carving wood; it’s a testament to a philosophy deeply rooted in the artistry of time. Our philosophy is anode to the harmony between tradition and innovation, where each piece is a symphony that resonates with the whispers of history and the promise of the future.

Binladin Woodworks

Our Legacy

Binladin WoodWork Factory is a subsidiary of a leading Saudi Construction Company, Mohammed Binladin Company. It started its operation in the year 1951 from a small set up in Jeddah.

It was a very small wooden workshop in al- Amaria neighborhood, then it moved to become a small workshop in Binladin street, also moved to Quweiza to become a large factory for approximately 30 years or more. Currently the factory is relocated to Bahrah to become the largest wood factory in the Middle East.

Over the period of 71 years. our factory has registered itself as the leader in production and supply of woodwork items. We boast about the prestigious projects on which we have supplied our products.